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We have recently partnered with Veterans For Healing and GAFF House for a new series, “Stories of Healing”.

Stories of Healing will share the stories of Veterans and how they have found relief, hope, and healing – naturally.

About Veterans For Healing

Veterans For Healing is an organization created and run by Canadian Veterans whose purpose is to assist other Veterans, their families and caregivers.

At Veterans For Healing they support research and develop social programs and innovative treatments that are vital for Veterans coping with PTSD and rehabilitation.


About GAFF House

Global Alliance Foundation Fund is a nonprofit veteran organization focused on assisting in the healing journey to increasing the quality of life of our members. Through our unique 4 pillar system we have seen countless trauma patients connect to their spirit and thrive in a quest to find purpose again.


Listen to our conversation, with the Founder and President, Fabian Henry.

EP | A Hard Pill To Swallow

Aaron Newsom, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance
Episode Four
Tyson Bowen, Real Canadian Recreation
Episode Five

Ron Millward, Balanced Veterans Network
Episode Six

Learn More About The Four Pillars of Healing

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