A Hard Pill To Swallow with Fabian Henry


Joining us this week is Fabian Henry, Founder of Marijuana for Trauma and GAFF House. Fabian shares with us his experience in the Canadian Armed forces, the PTSD that followed, and how a 90 prescription was not going to be the solution.

There is so much information within our time spent with Fabian, and we thinking carving out an hour of your time to listen will bring great value.

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Marijuana for Trauma was created to help our Veteran Brothers and Sisters gain access to Medical Marijuana. Fabian Henry talks with us about the scary statistics that face these veterans post combat and how the cannabis plant can actually help with PTSD and trauma.

This conversation is beyond important – and we are so grateful for Fabian’s openness and honesty.

We are wishing you so much bliss + delight today, friends and for those that are still working on getting to the root cause of their fractured spirit – we love you and we are wishing you whole healing and support.
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