The Truth Spreads Like a Virus


It’s an HTC first this week, y’all. Join Cal and Leanne as they host friends, Jocelyn and Bri, for a candid conversation on all things “difficult to discuss.”

With the current state of the nation, frustrations high, and overall anxiety, we thought it was time to sit down and talk about it. The ladies dig deep into the #SayHerName movement, Black Femmes, Racial Identity, and the frustration and responsibility of “Having to Teach.”

A little more about our Guests:

Jocelyn is a full-spectrum life doula (@thecannadoula) and supports those in the cannabis community in birth, life, and death. As she once told us, “I smoke a lot of weed and help a lot of people.” – Visit for more information – and while your there, pick up a copy of her E-book, “Doula Your Way.”

Bri, also known as  “Goldand” on the Twitch platform or @gold_and_gore on Instagram, Uses her platforms to share her story and struggles to get others to open up about their own. Bri noticed that being transparent about her difficulties is not only beneficial to her mental health and healing but to those she meets as well.

Pay the educators you learn from.

In this week’s episode, Jocelyn opened up about a hashtag she started using in 2015 #FUPayMe, and her reasoning for doing so.

If you are going to people for information, consider dropping some coin into their pocket because this is how we understand, show respect, and keep the movement(s) going. Information is free, but a trusted source is worth every penny.

For the full conversation listen to “The Truth Spreads like a Virus” now streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

To learn more about the ladies, give them a follow!
Jocelyn: @thecannadoula
Bri: @gold_and_gore

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