“We Will Figure It Out”


This week I am sitting down with my friend of 20+ years to navigate our paths, past traumas and the crossroads we are at now in our friendship.  The parallels that are running through our separate stories yet still bringing us closer blew our minds! 🤯

Follow her sobriety journey on Instagram at @soberlospeaks 

If I learned anything from this weeks episode, it is that sobriety is sexy. Self care is sexy. Making decisions for your self and having supportive people in your life can make all the difference.
When Lo said this out loud in our conversation, it was a real “Ah-Ha” Moment for her. It also explains why our friendship has been able to survive for as long as it has. If I learned anything this week, it’s that we have to cherish our friendships. We all get led down these rabbit holes and we never know where we are going to end up. One thing is for certain though, in crazy, happy, sad and  exciting times, it is always just a little bit nicer when you can look over and see a friend cheering you on.

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